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Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips

Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips

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HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL SMOKER BOX: We've made our smoker box thicker than many of our competitors so that it lasts longer without warping. It will not rust, it will be your perfect partner for barbecue. Making it the ultimate grilling accessory.

MULTI-FACETED POROUS SMOKE DESIGN: The smoker box outperforms the competition with a unique vented design. Containing large 1/4” vent holes, this smoker box will produce more smoke to saturate your food. Made from strong and sturdy Stainless Steel.Holes Top and Bottom for better heat and smoke distribution.

LARGE CAPACITY: Its compact size is suitable for any grill, and there is enough space to accommodate 6.35 ounces of wood chips. Fill this smoker box with your favorite flavor of mouth-watering wood chips, chunks, or pellets. Then place it between your grill’s heat source and grate, and this will produce a delicious smoky flavor to enhance your BBQ meal.

The great smoky flavor from any grill: Wood chips smolder without catching on fire and this will impart more smokey flavor into the meat. Position our heavy-duty smoker box underneath the grill grates and above the burners and enjoy your gas grills' delicious smoky aromas! your friends and family will think you're a grilling pro!

【NOTICE】Smoker box will be hot. Use heat-resistant gloves or wait for the box to cool before handling. Great for any cookout, picnic, camping, outdoor fun, and food party. Every tough barbecue tool and accessory we offer is a durable piece you can rely on for years.
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